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Skin Lightening Creams

Skin lightening creams have been used throughout history.  Tribes in Ethiopia, for example, paint their faces white to this day, as did European men and women in the 17th century.  It is even said that women in ancient Egypt used a variety of natural products and extracts in order to try and lighten their skin.

What Are Skin Lightening Creams?

Nowadays, skin lightening creams are used by men and women of darker complexion – Asians and Africans for example – who are attempting to lighten the overall tone of their skin.  This has become a very popular practice and there are many different types of skin lightening creams available targeting this market specifically.

Skin lightening creams are also used by Caucasian mean and women who are trying to reduce the appearance of certain blemishes.  They are generally used on moles and freckles, age and sun spots and on acne scars.

How to Use Skin Lightening Creams

Skin lightning creams are applied directly to the skin or to an affected area that needs treating.  It is always important to carefully read the instructions provided with skin lightening creams, as their application will vary from one brand to another.  Some skin lightening creams will also advise you to wear gloves when applying the cream, as the skin of the hands is extremely sensitive.  Naturally, ensuring your hands are thoroughly washed before and after using skin lightening creams goes without saying.

Another reason to carefully read the instructions provided is to ensure the skin lightening creams you have purchased produce little or no hydroquinone or mercury, as these products do lighten the skin very quickly, but have also been shown to cause cancer.

Where Can I Find Skin Lightening Creams?

There is a wealth of different skin lightening creams available, some targeting specific areas, others offering an array of benefits, including skin moisturising.  Some better known brands of skin lightening creams include:

  • Dr Organic Royal Jelly Body Skin Whitening Cream, made entirely out of natural ingredients.
  • Swanson Skin Whitening Cream, which is filled with powerful antioxidants to nourish your skin whilst balancing its tone.
  • Mama Africa Skin Light Whitening Cream, a skin lightening cream specifically targeted at African women.
  • Vaseline Healthy White Skin Whitening Lotion, offering skin lightening and making your skin more radiant.
  • EverYuth Light and Clear Skin Lightening Cream, focussing specifically at damage to the skin that has been caused by the sun.

Most of these skin lightening creams are available from better high street chemists, such as Boots and Superdrug, or the chemistry isle in your local supermarket such as Tesco or Asda.  Many natural stores such as Holland and Barrett and the Body Shop also sell a range of skin lightening creams.

So, whether you are hoping to achieve an overall lighter skin tone or are just hoping to reduce the appearance of seasonal blemishes such as freckles or permanent blemishes such as acne scars, age or sun spots, you are sure to be able to find a range of skin lightening creams on the market that can meet your needs.


Skin Lightening Creams