I have been using skin lightening creams for 2 months now. My skin looks lighter than ever! It also feels smoother and healthier too! I will recommend your skin product to all my friends.

Loreal Skin Lightening Cream

Over the past few decades, a trend has emerged in which it is fashionable to a have lighter, fairer skin colour.  This is especially true for people with brown or dark skin tones.  The political correctness of this trend is highly debatable but that doesn't change the perception that people with lighter skin are considered fairer.  Part of the recent surge is due to various role models coming from dark-skinned backgrounds who currently have lighter skin.  Whatever the reason cosmetic companies like L'Oreal have spent billions on researching and testing products which result in a lighter skin tone.

The L'Oreal Skin Lightening Cream Brand

Similar to other major cosmetic firms, L'Oreal markets its whitening products to African and Asian people.  The L'Oreal skin lightening cream comes in two leading brands:  L'Oreal Dermo Expertise White and L'Oreal White Perfect.  Both products work as moisturisers as well.  The key to their success as whitening creams is the high SPF which inhibits the UVA and UVB rays.  It is these rays which stimulate the production of melanin, the pigmenting darker component of people’s skin. 

Even women from such countries as India, the Philippines, and Jamaica, who have naturally dark skin, can get even darker when they spend too much time in the sun without protection.  So the L’Oreal skin lightening cream first protects the skin from UV rays.  It also has various natural and chemical additives to moisturise and smooth the skin.  The overall effect after a few weeks of use is skin that appears lighter and feels healthier.

How to Use L'Oreal Skin Lightening Cream

When trying out L’Oreal skin lightening cream, make sure you first put a small amount on another area of your body as a test patch.  That way, you can see if you have any kind of reaction.  No matter how much testing is done, companies like L'Oreal cannot guarantee that everyone can use it safely.  Your skin may have a reaction and you don't want that on your face.  You can also check with your doctor or dermatologist before trying a new cosmetic.

If you don't have a reaction, the recommended regime is to apply it twice per day to a freshly cleaned face and neck.  It is non-greasy so it will be absorbed quickly and can be applied in the morning before you apply your foundation.  At night, clean your face and neck again and reapply so it can work overnight to help heal the skin from the UV exposure during the day.

Where Can I Find L'Oreal Skin Lightening Cream?

L'Oreal skin lightening cream is sold in stores primarily in Asian countries.  You can also obtain it online.  Locally, you may find it in ethnic stores catering to Indians or other Asians.  Below are some stores you can purchase L’Oreal skin lightening cream or inquire on how to obtain locally.

  • Boots
  • The Body Shop
  • Tesco
  • ASDA

The price of a 50ml jar will cost you around £18.

If you are seeking a quality skin lightening cream, L’Oreal skin lightening cream is an excellent choice and has received excellent user ratings.  It is marketed primarily to those with dark skin and so your best bet to locate the product is an ethnic market catering to such a demographic.  You can also obtain it online.  As with any cosmetic, make sure you test it first and never over use.  Also don't expect overnight miracles.  A lighter skin appearance takes time to accomplish.

Loreal Skin Lightening Cream