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Movate Skin Lightening Cream

In today's highly charged self-image world, both men and women have succumbed to the pressure of having fairer or lighter skin.  This is especially true for those of African or Asian descent.  They seek fair skin through the use of skin care products whose manufacturers promise lighter skin in a short period of time.  However, not all skin lightening creams are safe for use.       A common ingredient in some brands of skin lightening creams is a chemical called hydroquinone.  Hydroquinone is a powerful toxic used in photo processing, rubber manufacture, and as an active ingredient in hair dye.

The Movate Skin Lightening Cream Brand

Movate skin lightening cream comes in a variety of formulas that all claim to lighten skin.  Some products contain hydroquinone in various proportions from 2% to 6%.  Other Movate skin lightening creams use a very strong steroid called clobetasol propionate.  In 2001, the Department of Trade and Industry banned the sale of all OTC products which contain hydroquinone.  However, the demand for Movate skin lightening cream is so high that a large illegal market emerged as a result.

Among the side effects of using Movate skin lightening cream are thinning of the skin itself which can lead to other skin disorders.  Also there have been reports of skin cancer, skin blotching and disfiguration; and when some users stopped using the cream, their skin actually began turning darker than their original skin colour.

The demand for Movate skin lightening cream is so strong that authorities are having a hard time combating the illegal market.  Those who are caught selling it can be fined up to £5,000 or more.  But most claim ignorance that the product is banned.  To them, Movate skin lightening cream is simply a very popular product.

According to several experts, the real problem is awareness of the dangers.  Coupled with that is the modern misconception that fair, lighter skin portrays wealth, power and beauty.  The number of fairer skinned models, actresses, and other celebrities furthers this misconception.  And it is not only women, but men too are using Movate skin lightening cream.

How to Use Movate Skin Lightening Cream

Movate skin lightening cream comes generally in 30g to 50g tubes.  It is applied to the face and other exposed skin areas just like other skin care products.  Those who use it claim a noticeable difference in skin tone after a few days of use.  The recommended usage is to apply twice daily.  Some people apply it more frequently under the belief that it will speed up the lightening process.

Where Can I Find Movate Skin Lightening Cream?

Movate skin lightening cream, despite being banned, can be obtained at any local store that sells beauty products.  Neighbourhoods which are predominately African or Asian will be more likely to have the cream than others.  The tubes are also very inexpensive.  A tube of Movate skin lightening cream can cost less than £2 so it is the cream of choice among young and less affluent people seeking fairer and lighter skin.

Despite its popularity, there are many cases of people who suffered needlessly from using Movate skin lightening cream.  If you feel you need to use a skin lightening cream, there are other products on the market which are safer.  They may cost more to purchase, but that cost is much less than the cost of extensive medical treatment for a skin disorder resulting from using Movate skin lightening cream.

Movate Skin Lightening Cream