I have been using skin lightening creams for 2 months now. My skin looks lighter than ever! It also feels smoother and healthier too! I will recommend your skin product to all my friends.

Olay Skin Lightening Cream

Many men and women of African or Asian descent are seeking a lighter skin tone.  In today's self-conscious image-is-everything culture, people mistakenly believe that power, wealth, beauty and success come to those with fairer skin.  So the market for products like Olay skin lightening cream has grown.  Companies like Olay market their skin lightening cream products in countries where the predominant skin tone is dark.  The products undergo the same quality control and testing process as the rest of the Olay line to ensure products are safe for use.

The Olay Skin Lightening Cream Brand

Olay skin lightening cream is marketed under the Olay Natural White or Olay White Radiance line of skin care products.  These products are designed to provide essential nutrients and moisturisers for good skin care.  They also have a fairly high SPF rating to block UV rays which cause an increase in the production of melanin (the substance in the skin which causes darkness).  The products contain natural ingredients as well as proprietary chemical formulations which have been tested and approved for use on human skin.

The Olay skin lightening cream products act primarily as moisturisers to keep skin smooth and healthy.  The special formulations work to inhibit the production of melanin as well as block harmful UVA and UVB rays.  This combination allows the skin to have a healthy radiance and over time can lead to a more even skin tone.

How to Use Olay Skin Lightening Cream

Olay skin lightening cream should be applied twice daily to a clean face and neck.  After thoroughly cleaning your face and neck with a good facial scrub, you may apply the product which goes on smoothly and does not clump.  You will need to wait about 3-5 minutes before applying your makeup to allow the absorption of the product.

People with oily skin may not be fully satisfied as the product is designed for normal to dry skin.  However, if your skin is only slightly oily and you don't have an issue with it, you may want to try it.  As with all skin care products, it is best to try a patch test on another area of skin (like your arm or belly) to see if there is any reaction.

Where Can I Find Olay Skin Lightening Cream?

Because the product is aimed at darker complexioned people, Olay skin lightening cream is marketed primarily through stores in African and Asian countries.  In particular, the Olay Naturally White and Olay White Radiance products can only be found in such countries.  You can also obtain the products online.  Below is a sample of online stores where you can find Olay skin lightening cream.

  • eBay
  • Sasa
  • Amazon

A 50g jar of Olay skin lightening cream will cost you about £16.  Because of its availability only through online stores, you will also have to pay for shipping in some cases.  It is best to check the store's policy on international sales and shipments.

If you are of African or Asian descent, Olay skin lightening cream is a good solution to help you achieve a lighter skin tone.  The only drawback is its availability locally.  However, most online stores will ship to the UK.  If you live in an area where there is a high density of African or Asian families, you may be lucky to find the product in a local store.


Olay Skin Lightening Cream