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Indian Skin Lightening Cream

Skin lightening creams are incredibly popular amongst women from Africa and Asia to lighten the overall appearance of their skin.  However, skin lightening cream is also used by many Caucasian women to reduce the appearance of skin blemishes, such as unsightly moles, freckles, sun spots or age spots.  There are many different kinds of skin lightening creams, Indian skin lightening cream being just one of these.

What Is Indian Skin Lightening Cream?

Indian skin lightening cream is targeted specifically at the Indian market, where it has once again become very popular to lighten the skin.  Some of the Indian skin lightening cream products use natural ingredients, others contain hydroquinone and mercury, which are said to cause cancer and can hence be incredibly dangerous.  If you are looking at buying Indian skin lightening cream, it is always advisable to use Indian skin lightening cream that is based on organic or natural ingredients to protect yourself.

How to Use Indian Skin Lightening Cream

Indian skin lightening cream is applied freely on the skin or on any specific areas that you may wish to lighten.  It is important to carefully read the instructions, as certain Indian skin lightening creams may require you to wear gloves in order to protect the sensitive skin on your hands.  Naturally, it is always important to have cleaned and washed your hands thoroughly both before and after applying Indian skin lightening cream. 

Another reason to carefully read the instructions is because they will indicate whether the Indian skin lightening cream should be applied several times a day or just once and in what quantity, of course.

Where Can I Find Indian Skin Lightening Cream?

There are many different brands of Indian skin lightening cream.  Some of the better known and of more reputable quality include:

  • Nur 76 Skin Lightening Advancec 3 in 1, which is an Indian skin lightening cream as well as a serum and protector.
  • Emami Fair and Handsome, and Indian skin lightening cream specifically targeting male skin.
  • Skin Doctors SD White, a natural Indian skin lightening cream.
  • Lumnaskin Indian skin lightening cream and serum.

Many of these products can be purchased from shops targeting the Indian market, which can be found in most towns and cities across the United Kingdom.  As the products are in quite high demand, more and more high street shops are also starting to sell Indian skin lightening creams and you could try such stores as Holland and Barrett or Boots.

There has been some controversy around Indian skin lightening cream, as it seems that the Indian market is booming and more and more products are being offered on the market that have not been checked for potential dangerous, such as products that contain high levels of hydroquinone and mercury.  If you are thinking of purchasing Indian skin lightening cream, be it to lighten your overall complexion or to reduce the appearance of skin blemishes or scarring; do make sure you have carefully examined the ingredients.  It is always advisable to opt for a natural product if at all possible.