I have been using skin lightening creams for 2 months now. My skin looks lighter than ever! It also feels smoother and healthier too! I will recommend your skin product to all my friends.

Organic Skin Lightening Cream

Many people have blemishes, age spots, sun spots or moles and freckles that they find unsightly.  Using a skin lightening cream can reduce the appearance of these blemishes.  Many people of darker complexions, particularly Asian and African women, use skin lightening cream all over their bodies in an attempt to lighten their skin. 

What Is Organic Skin Lightening Cream?

Organic skin lightening creams are generally gentler on the skin and hence less harmful.  They are made of natural ingredients instead of chemical.  Many skin lightening creams contain both hydroquinone and mercury, and both ingredients have been linked to cancer and are hence very dangerous.  Organic skin lightening creams are always hydroquinone free, meaning that the risks to the individual is minimised.

The criticism of organic skin lightening cream is that they require a more prolonged use before the effects become noticeable, but this is a very small price to pay to stop you from developing cancer.

How to Use Organic Skin Lightening Cream

Organic skin lightening cream is applied in the same way as any other skin lightening cream: by rubbing the cream or lotion onto the targeted area.  Some organic skin lightening creams need to be used several times per day; others only once per day or even less, so it is very important to read the instructions that will come with your cream.

Certain organic skin lightening creams should be applied by wearing gloves, as the skin of the hands is particularly sensitive.  Naturally, hands should be thoroughly washed before and after using organic skin lightening cream.

Where Can I Find Organic Skin Lightening Cream?

There are many different brands of organic skin lightening cream.  Some of the more popular include:

  • XTend Life Natural Whitening Day Cream, a cream that is non aggressive and very positively reviewed by many users.
  • Dr Organic Royal Jelly Body Skin Whitening Cream, a product range that specialises in creating safe skin products based on royal jelly.
  • Skin Nouveau Organic Beauty Green Tea Skin Lightening Cream, targeting many problem blemishes such as freckles and moles by using the fantastic powers of green tea.
  • Organic Beauty Rose Line Skin Lightening Cream, an organic skin lightening cream claiming to be one of the most long lasting creams available on the market.

Many stores that specialise in organic products will offer organic skin lightening products.  You could think of stores such as Holland & Barrett, the Body Shop, Jinny’s Mall or Primavera, but also many other high street chemists will offer organic skin lightening creams, such as Boots or Lloyds Pharmacies.

So, whether it is a summer appearance of freckles you are trying to combat, an unsightly age or sun spot or a dark mole, or even if you are looking to completely lightening your entire skin if you are of Asian or African origin, you can be sure to find an organic skin lightening product that will deliver on your needs.  Specialists recommend that you try to use at least three different types of organic skin lightening products for a period of six months before opting for more aggressive creams or treatments.