I have been using skin lightening creams for 2 months now. My skin looks lighter than ever! It also feels smoother and healthier too! I will recommend your skin product to all my friends.

Skin Lightening Cream for Asian Skin

There are many reasons why you may be considering lightening your skin.  Most Asian complexions are not dark, but pigmentation may be uneven and result in some darkened areas on the skin that you may want to reduce.  This is possible using skin lightening creams formulated for your skin type.

What is Skin Lightening Cream for Asian Skins?

When selecting a cream to use on your skin type keep in mind that not all skin creams are the same.  There are hundreds of products available through shops, via mail order and through online stores however each is formulated with specific customers and needs in minds and it’s important to choose one that is suitable for you and your needs.

When considering a lightening cream it’s wise to research how effective they are for people from an Asian background.  Investigate what ingredients they use and how safe the product is considered to be based on comparisons with other products.  This latter step is very important as some products have been known to cause cancer and other conditions.  Choosing a respected product made primarily from natural ingredients and water will ensure results that will be both pleasing to you and produce the desired results you are hoping to achieve by using a skin lightening treatment. 

How to Use a Skin Lightening Cream for Asian Skin

Effective skin lightening is a gradual and continuous process that requires patience and adherence to the instructions provided in the packaging to produce the best results.  It usually involves thoroughly cleansing the skin and then exfoliating it daily prior to applying the creams.  Because the treatment interferes with the production of melanin (the pigment responsible for producing our skin tones) and also provides some protection against the UV light, it’s important to use a sun cream with a high SP Factor whilst using skin lightening creams.

The chosen cream is applied daily over a period of approximately 3-6 months and this will usually produce a noticeable lightening effect.  Once the skin tone you want is produced, you can reduce the number of applications per week, but it’s essential to remember that the treatment must be continued to maintain the lighter colours.  Once treatment stops the skin will likely return to its previous colouration.

Where Can I Find Skin Lightening Cream for Asian Skin

You can purchase good creams from many locations throughout the UK.  Products suggested for people with Asian skin types include:

  • Lightenex by Pharmaclinix which is sold in pharmacies throughout the UK and which is highly rated by users looking for a safe and effective cream.
  • Fair and Lovely - a product made in India and sold through Indian grocery stores and moderately rated.
  • Skin Doctors SD White - a product made in Australia and available to purchase directly from the manufacturer.

Each of these products is considered safe to use when used according to the instructions.  Successful outcomes can be produced with a regular and on-going application of the creams over an extended period of time.